New Frankin Fire Dept. used their training from the state certified course to save  another life. When first responders  called the station and asked them to respond to the call the fire fighters moved into action.  All EMS from the area knew that New Frankin F.D. had been trained and had epinephrine autoinjectors on hand.  Way to go!!!

Another participant of the ‘Do It For Dillon’ annaphylaxis training program received a frantic call from his mother in law that she was in distress after eating a vending machine sandwich. With severe swelling to the face, hives all over and a very hoarse voice she realized it was possibly life threatening.  She knew he was trained and had epinephrine autoinjectors. Arriving within minutes he administered the autoinjector and symptoms started to subside.  She now has her very own epinephrine autoinjector.  He is now her favorite son in law:)

We have held several classes in August.  5 in the last week.  Gibraltar Fire and Rescue hosted a course out on Chambers Island, Wi.  Department employees and summer inhabitants of the island all joined in.  Professional medical folks and parents of severely allergic kids all commented that even though they have lived or worked with this life threatening health issue they still “learned something new”.  It is very rewarding to me knowing I am helping folks to become more prepared and confident in recognizing anaphylaxis and teaching them how to administer 4 different brands of autoinjectors. The boat ride out and back was absolutely breathtaking!!!  Talk about an office view!!

Xtreme Trucking, Maribel, Wi. hosted a class for its employees.  Another very well informed group after completion.  Now certified the employees who travel to other states may now administer to anyone who they believe is suffering from a severe allergic reaction, anywhere, and be covered by the good samaritan protections of the law. Instructor evaluations once again showed me that even knowledgeable participants “learned something new”.  All evaluations are positive and uplifting.

Reedsville, Wi. school district had us teach their teachers and they too learned new things. 70 participants total including the principal and the school nurse.   Schools since 2013 are allowed to carry “stock epinephrine” for the kids and visitors with UNDIAGNOSED allergies or those who don’t have their medication with them. Epipen4schools.com will give public schools FREE  epinephrine autoinjectors to each building, a carrying case to mount on the wall and a DVD for the school nurse to instruct staff.  Does your school carry epinephrine autoinjectors?  What about that undiagnosed 4k student who goes into fatal anaphylaxis in 1-15 minutes after eating a suspect allergen?  I’ve heard stories of students dying in the cafeteria because they weren’t diagnosed or their epinephrine was in the office in a locked cabinet.  Our son Dillon was unconscious in 10 TEN minutes.  Heed this warning so that you are never ever in our shoes.  Good Job Reedsville School District for protecting your students, staff and visitors!!