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Dillon Mueller
Honoring Dillon Mueller, who died at age 18 from an allergic reaction

The Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed to honor Dillon Mueller, a fun-loving, energetic, passionate young man who tragically died of a fatal allergic reaction to a bee sting. He was just 18 year old. His life likely could have been saved if he had timely access to epinephrine.

The Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund was created to prevent this preventable tragedy from happening to others. The Do It for Dillon! Campaign advocates state legislatures across the country to Update Their State laws to pass Dillon’s Law which would allow a trained individual to carry epinephrine and administer it to someone in need.

In addition the Do It for Dillon Anaphylaxis Training Program is a state-approved course that is administered throughout allowed states. The Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund offers these courses directly and also supports those who would like to provide these courses.

Donations can be mailed to:
Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund
2205 E. Cty. Hwy. V
Mishicot, WI 54228

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