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  1. Thanks!!!
    Can u share the info about our Senate Committee hearing on THURSDAY.

    George and I will be speaking to the Senate Committee, Thursday, Dec. 16th in favor of Dillon’s Law 2.0 ( get trained, take certificate to pharmacy, carry epi, SAVE A LIFE💛 AND 2.0 allows ” ANY FDA APPROVED EPINEPHRINE ” be it an auto injector, Symjepi prefilled syringe, ampule and syringe or intranasal application) No more Dr.s prescription needed!!
    Senator Andre’ Jacque said, ” the more the merrier ” in regards to supporters joining us.
    We will meet at the HWY. 310 Park & Ride at 6:30 am and have room for 5 passengers to ride along. Or join the CARAVAN. WE NEED YOU!
    This is the ” model legislation ” we are looking to get NATIONWIDE!! Wisconsin can be in the top 3 TO PAVE THE WAY. DILLONS LAW 2.0 will put epi into more first aid kits than ever before!!
    ***a mothers plea***
    Dillon has been on my mind more than usual and “signs” have become more frequent ( inspector #115 on the butcher wrapper of our beef🤭). I was SNAPPED out of a funk when André Jacque, our Senator, texted me that we were getting a hearing. Dillon didn’t have the availability of EPINEPHRINE to save his life in 2014, but YOUR LOVED ONE CAN NOW, and easier with no Dr.s visit necessary. This is not for personal glory, etc. Honestly this is humbling, and because of my passion to make sure it doesn’t happen to another family, our path has been “blessed” by so many folks that make a difference. Your showing up, with us, in Madison, is important to show the Senate Committee that this IS AN IMPORTANT, LIFE SAVING, POLICY ADDITION.
    If not for Dillon, do it for your “favorite relative”, loved one, or the next allergic reaction that causes someone to stop breathing.
    Love you mostestest, Dilly Dooper#115 #amotherslove.
    HERE IS AN EXPLANATION, you can copy and paste. Thanks!!

    Angel Mueller
    Dillons Mom💛
    President- Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund
    Instructor- “Do It For Dillon” Anaphylaxis Training Program


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