Bellin Health Event

On January 16, 2020, Bellin Health Manitowoc hosted an after-hour event for the community to become certified to carry an epinephrine injector. It was led by certified instructor, Angel Mueller, a resident of Manitowoc County. Angel and her husband, George, have made it their life’s mission to train and certify as many people as they can so that others do not have to experience the tragedy their family did in 2014.

Their 18-year-old son, Dillon, died from a bee sting reaction and if epinephrine had been available, his life may have been saved. In 2017, Governor Scott Walker signed a law making Wisconsin the first state to allow an individual to become certified to obtain a prescription and use an epinephrine injector. This is called “Dillon’s Law.” Angel and George travel across Wisconsin providing an hour-long lecture and training for free. This course enables the participants to recognize a severe allergic reaction
and administer the life-saving medication epinephrine. At the completion of the course, participants were given certificates, good for four years, and information on how to obtain a prescription for an epinephrine injector at low or no cost depending on what brand they choose. If anyone is interested in having Angel do a free hour-long training course, she can be reached at (920) 905-3863, or by e-mail at