Testimonial – Kelly Augustine

Even though no one in my family needs an epinephrine auto injector, I decided to take the “Do It for Dillon” anaphylaxis training sponsored by the Osteopathic Physicians. My family often goes to motocross races that span several states and camp on the track grounds. These places can be far from a city, a clinic, or an emergency room. An anaphylaxis emergency can happen anywhere at any time and can be caused by many different things from food allergies to insect bites. I wanted to be prepared in case someone had an anaphylaxis episode, so I could help them. When I took the “Do It for Dillon” anaphylaxis training as taught by Angel Mueller in Wisconsin, I felt that it was very informative and easy to understand. After completing the course, I had all the knowledge and confidence to be able to administer an epinephrine auto injector, if needed. I would compare learning how to use an epinephrine auto injector with learning how to do CPR. You learn it in hopes you never have to use it, but are trained and prepared in case you would have to use it. I never expected to actually have to administer an epinephrine auto injector, but I was called upon to do this very thing at, of all places, a race track in Michigan. A young rider got stung by a bee twice in his chest while racing his dirt bike. Even though there were EMT’s at the track, they did not have an epinephrine auto injector. His throat was starting to close and he was having trouble breathing. I was able to use my “Do It for Dillon” anaphylaxis training to quickly and safely administer the epinephrine auto injector. In a matter of seconds, the young rider was feeling better! Best of all, he is alive today to tell of his experience and to be able to live his life, doing all the things he wants to do, including racing dirt bikes! The state of Minnesota has since signed Dillon’s Law, because of this incident and the hard work of the Muellers and the Osteopathic Physicians. I am very thankful every day that the Muellers decided to turn the tragedy of their son, Dillon, dying from a tiny bee sting into a nationwide quest of saving lives with the help of Osteopathic Physicians and Dillon’s Law. Without them, I would not have been able to SAVE A LIFE!

Please support Dillon’s Law, because DILLON’S LAW SAVES LIVES!

Kelly Augustine

Testimonial – Kara Pankratz

Hello Mrs. Mueller,

I am Kara Pankratz, I grew up in Saint Nazianz, WI. I have been struggling with allergies for over ten years now. I began shot treatments through Aurora Healthcare when I was about 13 years old. During those three years that I had my shot treatment I still had no control over my allergies. My allergies are to all animal dander, with cattle dander being the worst. About a year and half ago, I began having anaphylactic shock to cattle dander. I was always able to tell about 10 minutes before my throat would begin closing so I was always able to get medical attention in time. However, at this time I was still not prescribed an EpiPen, which would have been lifesaving if I was not able to seek medical attention in time. I simply, to say the least, was extremely lucky, however, in most cases, including Dillon’s, this is not the case.

Since I was not prescribed an EpiPen, I made the decision to try allergy shot treatment again in order to get control over my allergies with hopes of stopping the anaphylactic shock. This was approximately three weeks ago. When I saw the doctor again today, he prescribed me an EpiPen without even requesting it. I asked my doctor why, now, after many years of having severe allergies and having anaphylactic shock as well, that I am finally prescribed an EpiPen. He explained to me that it is now become their protocol to prescribe ALL patients with ANY type of allergy an EpiPen in order to prevent a tragic reaction. This news was great to hear knowing that many people have anaphylactic shock suddenly, without any further indication of previous issues with it. On top of finding out their willingness and adamant supplying of the EpiPen to all patients, they are also giving all patients a card to use when they pick up their EpiPen which covers up to $100 of the copay. I was able to get my EpiPen for free and still have another $75 to use on future pick-ups of my EpiPen.

With all of my struggles, and knowing personally how hard it was to get an EpiPen, I want to thank you and your family. Your efforts are being recognized by the medical field and they are making efforts to make sure another tragic loss does not happen again. While EpiPens are still not available non-prescription at this moment, I do believe soon they will be. Again, thank you endlessly. God bless you and your family for your courageous work helping others have this preventative measure to save their own lives.

– Kara Pankratz