Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund Hare Scramble Race


September 19, 2021 (Sunday)

Gates open at 7 a.m. – Campers Welcome

Mueller Farm

2205 E. County hwy. V. Mishicot, WI

Parking on corner of Division and Hwy. V.

Enjoy 50/50 raffle, food stand, Radar Runs, Call 920-901-9462


Dillon Mueller Memorial Ride Free Race

Sunday, September 26, 2021 – 9 a.m. – dusk

Ride the marked trails and open fields FOR FREE

Mueller Farm

Bring your bike, ATV, any toy.

Donations welcomed.

Grothman introduces Dillon’s Law in DC

Congressmen Glenn Grothman (WI-06) has introduced Dillon’s Law, a bill that will incentivize states to allow “good Samaritans” to save lives. This bill will allow states to use existing federal grant money for preventative health services to be used to train individuals to carry and administer epinephrine.

The bill was inspired by Dillon Mueller, a Mishicot, WI native who tragically passed away in 2014 at the age of 18 after being stung by a bee and falling into a coma due to anaphylaxis. Dillon was unable to receive epinephrine in a timely manner. Read more about Dillon’s story here.

Dillon Mueller

Versions of Grothman’s bill have already been signed into law in WisconsinMinnesota, and Indiana with overwhelming bipartisan support. While similar legislation passed Congress in 2013 providing incentives for states to develop emergency epinephrine programs within school systems, this legislation would make epinephrine training more widely available, enabling more individuals to prevent tragedies involving anaphylaxis from occurring.

“Dillon Mueller’s passing was a tragedy,” said Grothman. “No parent should have to endure the loss of a child, and that is what Dillon’s parents, Angel and George, are working to prevent.

“This bill isn’t limited to children, however. The legislation incentivizes states to allow any properly trained individual to administer epinephrine to someone experiencing a severe allergic reaction.

“In Wisconsin, Dillon’s Law was passed with wide bipartisan support before it was signed into law by Governor Walker in 2017. Since then, over 3,000 Wisconsinites have been trained to administer Epinephrine in the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction. I hope that my colleagues in Congress will join me in learning more about Dillon Mueller and how Dillon’s Law can help save lives throughout the country.”

“As I witnessed Dillon receiving CPR after a bee sting, God spoke to my heart and commanded me, ‘you need to fix this!’” Said Angel Mueller, Dillon’s mom. “God has put all the right people in the right place at the right time, including Congressman Grothman. To date, several lives have been saved in Wisconsin as a result of Dillon’s Law from individuals trained to administer epinephrine to someone experiencing anaphylaxis.”

Background Information

Under Dillon’s Law, states would have greater access to existing federal grant dollars for preventative health services in order to train, certify and enable good Samaritans to administer epinephrine to an individual experiencing a severe allergic reaction in the event they need the medication before emergency medical services can arrive. The bill also requires states to implement civil liability protections for individuals trained in administering epinephrine.

Anaphylaxis occurs when someone suffers a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction, most commonly from insect stings, food items, and medications. Anywhere from 500-1,000 fatal cases of anaphylaxis occur every year in the United States, in addition to hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and emergency room visits every year. 

The legislation is inspired by the life of Dillon Mueller, a Mishicot, WI native who passed away at the age of 18 from anaphylaxis following a bee sting. Angel and George Mueller started the Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund, which has already helped 3,000 people obtain training in Wisconsin through the “Do It for Dillon Epinephrine Certification Program”, approved by Wisconsin Department of Health. The content of the course is state-approved through the Wisconsin Association of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons (WAOPS). The course lasts approximately 1 hour, is free of charge, and can be provided for any community entity or group interested in epinephrine training.

Training for delivery of epinephrine to an individual is cost effective, quick, and can prevent tragedies from occurring every year.


U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Glenbeulah) is serving his fourth term representing Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Do it for Dillon Brrraaaap On Scholarship Winners

Aliza Jacobs is a graduate of Luxemburg Casco HS and will be attending UW Plattville to study Agricultural Education.

Gavin Junk is a graduate of Mishicot HS who will be attending UW Stout to study Technical Education.

The Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund awards scholarships every year to High School Graduates in three Wisconsin Counties. Brown, Manitowoc, and Kewaunee. Find the application here.

Mueller shares story of son’s loss, renewed purpose and legislative mission in debut poetry book

(PEDAL DOWN PROMOTIONS) April 21, 2021 – After losing her 18-year-old son, Dillon, to an undiagnosed allergic reaction to a bee sting in 2014, Mishicot, Wis. resident Angel Mueller found comfort and clarity in writing religious-based poetry as a way to work through her grief.

Nearly seven years after Dillon’s passing, Mueller has released her debut poetry book “Wheels Up – Grief to Peace,” inspired by Dillon’s live-in-the-moment youthful vigor and uncanny ability to engage people through his dynamic personality. The book also chronicles Mueller’s complex process of dealing with the deep-seated feelings associated with her youngest son’s sudden death.

Published by Pedal Down Promotions of Manitowoc, Wis, Mueller’s first book release is designed to help others dealing with the loss of a loved one, provide a glimpse into Dillon’s short, but impactful life and continue the mission of Dillon’s Law by pursuing similar life-saving epinephrine legislation throughout the United States.

“The suffocating, unbearable pain of losing my 18-year-old son, Dillon, to an undiagnosed bee sting allergy is what led me to write these poems,” Mueller said. “They are more like prayers on paper, gifted to me by God. It was when I was emotionally at my worst, the urge to write came on strong.  The poems in the book are  in order as I wrote them so the reader will journey along with me from ‘Grief to Peace.’

 “The tone of my poems start out very gloomy and dismal, expressing the indescribable gut-wrenching pain I was feeling,” she said. “Next comes the ‘aha’ moment and divine words of wisdom which comforted me. Every single poem will leave the reader feeling inspired and hopeful. These words came to me straight from Heaven, so quickly, that I grabbed whatever was close to write with and on, including napkins. The message is, ‘We are never alone.’ The tiniest bit of positivity or faith, whatever the reader wants to call it, can spark the slightest motivation to slowly lift ones foot to take the very next step. How we carry our burdens, and we all have them, can make the trip as easy or hard as we choose. We are ultimately, with God’s help, in charge of the destination.  I chose peace.”

After engaging in various forms of writing as a hobby throughout her life,  “Wheels Up – Grief to Peace” serves as a launching pad for what Mueller hopes will be a lengthy career as an author.

“I have written a little poetry prior to this mostly in the form of children’s stories to tell my kids at bedtime,” Mueller said. “I was always good at language arts and spelling, calling myself the ‘word girl’ before it was a real character. Telling made-up stories to our boys when they were small is a fond memory I will cherish forever.”

Mueller says the process of transforming her very raw and personal poems into a professional published book for public consumption included a substantial learning curve.

“The process leading to publication of these poems into book form was not an easy one for me,” she said. “For a few years, I had been daydreaming about turning these poems into a book, or even music. Sharing my poetry on Facebook and word-of-mouth lead me to Pedal Down Promotions. With their guidance, I took the steps necessary to convert my hurried writing, which looked like chicken scratch, into typed material. From there, I needed to proofread them several times, not so much to correct spelling errors, but to add necessary punctuation to ensure the reader feels the exact same emotion I was feeling at that moment. Revisiting these writings stirred up emotions with a peaceful intensity and a tear here and there, but I soon realized I am still Dillon’s mom and I still love and miss him every day.

“I also wanted to add pictures throughout the book to depict Dillon’s personality,” Mueller said. “These photos and Dillon deserve an honorable caption. This was grueling for me as I struggled with ‘self-imposed’ responsibility to make the ‘essence’ of Dillon palatable.  I was reassured, through prayer, that it would all be ‘just right.’”

Mueller’s ultimate goal in releasing “Wheels Up – Grief to Peace” is to provide inspiration and renewed purpose to those that may be dealing with pain, grief and any form of loss in their lives.

“My main goal in publishing this book first and foremost is to offer hope to those who may feel there is no way out,” Mueller said. “Losing a child in the prime of their life to such an extraordinary event can throw anyone into a deep dark place with no life preserver available. This book of heartfelt, spiritually intuitive poetry is a life preserver I’m throwing to those who feel there is no way out of that dark place, no matter what circumstances put them there.

“The second goal in publishing this book is to open the eyes of every reader and their family and friends to the fact that allergies are real,” she said. “Allergies can be fatal. There is a common sense solution, easily delivered, at little cost, that has already been proven to save lives. Dillon’s Law NEEDS to be nationwide. Get trained. Carry epinephrine. Save a life. Let’s do it for Dillon.”

Through her drive, determination and talent for public speaking, Mueller is aiming to share her book with the public without rest until her mission is complete.

“Looking ahead I hope to promote this book across the state and the nation,” Mueller said. “Book signings and personal presentations are my goal.  I hope to see this story offered in churches, libraries, clubs and support groups of all kinds. This is a story which needs to be told. My hope is that this topic of death, grief and healing and by divine intervention will open the flood gates to legislation across the country. The Amber Alert was our template. That was birthed from tragedy. This too can do the same. ‘Something good from something bad, it’s the only dream I ever had.’”

Mueller will hold a book launch party for “Wheels Up – Grief to Peace” on Saturday, May 22 at Port Sandy Bay, located at 6421 County Road O in Two Rivers from noon to 3:30 p.m. Mueller will be signing copies of the book, which will be available for purchase during the drop-in event.

“Wheels Up – Grief to Peace” is now available for purchase for $17 at Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or by contacting Angel Mueller directly at brothersracing@live.com.

Additional information on Dillon’s Law can be found by visiting http://www.epifordilly.com.

For more information, contact Pedal Down Promotions via email at pedaldownpromotions@gmail.com, by phone at 920-323-7970 or by visiting http://www.pedaldownpromo.com.

Mishicot VFW Training

A class was held tonight at the VFW in Mishicot. These seven participants now have the knowledge to recognize a severe allergic reaction and administer an epinephrine auto injector with confidence. They can SAVE A LIFE! Another class is scheduled Thursday May 20th, 6 p.m. at the VFW in Mishicot,  Wi.