• Harescramble races: are  1.5 & 2 hour long endurance races on a dirtbike or quad thru fields, woods and rough terrain. Last year our course was 4 miles in length.
  • 50/50 raffle
  • bucket raffles
  • bake sale
  • lawnmowers “quit time” raffle
  • New racers and Public welcome
  • Overnight camping free for those with campers (no water or power hookup in our field)
  • Mueller 115 apparel and anaphylaxis definition t-shirts for sale.
  • This is our only fundraiser of the year along with t-shirt sales.  Please come out and enjoy the country and support our mission of offering FREE state certified anaphylaxis training courses, continuing education, community events, scholarships and allergy awareness as well as working to get  Dillons Law nationwide.  MN now has Dillons Law (MNSF1257)
  • DILLONS LAW ( 2017 Wi. Act 133) allows ANYONE who is trained to carry and administer an epinephrine autoinjector  to anyone they believe is suffering from a severe allergic reaction and be covered by the good samaritan law. This is what we teach to ANYONE for FREE. The ‘Do it for Dillon’ save a life anaphylaxis training course is WI  state approved and taught by certified instructors.
  • The Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization ran by 100% volunteers. Your support can help us continue to save lives in Dillons honor. (see news tab)                    Angel Mueller                                                                                                                                  Dillons Mom                                                                                                    President- DILLON MUELLER MEMORIAL FUND                                                Instructor- ‘Do it for Dillon’ save a life anaphylaxis training program

A Day In the Country

A Day In The Country was a private fundraising event. With 2 live bands and Bret Michaels on stage the 180+ guests had a wonderful time.

Hosted by Dillons Aunt and Uncle, Mark and Dawn Pietroske participants had a chance to win prizes through silent auctions and bucket raffles. Food and drinks were abundant all day.

We were able to chat with Bret and he waved us up on stage to join him in entertaining the crowd.  The pictures say it all. He also invited us into his camper to chat and is most genuine in all of his efforts to help others. Through Bret Michaels’ Life Rocks charitable foundation & his generosity, George and I will be able to help ALOT MORE PEOPLE.

We set up our display booth and raised anaphylaxis awareness and educated people on how to administer an epinephrine auto injector (epi pen).  We also informed folks that we now hold training and certification classes FOR FREE. Benefit participants got to see Dillons 2 motocross bikes and his snowmobile and view several photographs that really portrayed his loving and outgoing personality.

Definitely a day we will never forget.

Special thanks to Mark and Dawn Pietroske, Cindy Johnson and Kevin Willert, the bands Groove Epidemic, Fine Line, Bret Michaels and the countless amount of volunteers that worked tirelessly to help Mark and Dawn pull this event off.  George and I are extremely grateful for everything and everyone that aided in any way.  We are excited to be able to help so many unfortunate people, continue to sponsor scholarships and educate people with the ‘Do it For Dillon’ curriculum on anaphylaxis recognition and epi pen administration.

We may not be able to do it all;

We may not be able to do it everywhere;



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Fri.  March 31 st, 2017 – Sunday April 2, 2017

Brown County Arena/Shopko Hall Green Bay.

Come on out to see Dillons Dirtbikes and his Sno Cross sled. Big Yellow Suzuki Tent!!

We will be advocating anaphylaxis awareness and displaying epinephrine autoinjectors and how EASY they are to use.

We will be selling Be strong Braaap on apparel as well as ANAPHYLAXIS  t shirts. All money raised goes into the Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund which helps families in crisis and help folks buy their epi pens.

There will be alot of really cool vehicles to see as well as hands on “clinics” for the children.